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    About the President/CEO

    Even some of the most successful business owners don't put themselves at the forefront to let their target audience know who they are.  Here at Posh Limousine that's the difference you will find.  Hi, my name is Kristi Fornges, President and CEO of Posh Limousine.  I would like to give my clients a better understanding of who I am and about our initiatives here for a growing, prosperous company.

    I have been a veteran of the ground transportation industry for well over a decade.  I started in Corporate America and later moved into a position as a GM for one of the largest limousine companies in Westchester County, NY.  Managing a company with a 40 car fleet, plus a staff of nearly 50 individuals to oversee each and everyday was a very big responsibility.  With the experience in the field I built great relationships with fellow business partners, networked within the US and Worldwide, built lasting relationships with clients, and incorporated niche markets that other companies just haven't done.  I welcome you to look into some accomplishment's that I have earned throughout the years in the industry.  In 2014, I attained Strathmore's Who's Who in Business Award for outstanding leadership and achievements within the profession.  Not long after that I was contacted by Business Week and Chauffeur Driven magazine so they could write about ongoing accomplishments that I was making within my profession.  Of course that offer was accepted and I was written up in their publication.  Links are below to find the article I just mentioned.  Being the sole provider for ground transportation at K104.7 radio in Poughkeepsie, NY, we provided transportation for the yearly KFest concert held each year at Dutchess Stadium.  I was fortunate enough to meet each and every band member, musician, and agent that over the years started to know me personally.  After dealing with such a broad spectrum of clientele from high end, well known celebrities to corporate CEO's, the expertise I learned was tremendous.  Once strong relationships were built, I made a decision to branch off on my own and take the expertise I learned and put it into a company now known as Posh Limousine.

    My ultimate goal here at Posh Limousine is to provide superior service to each and every client.  Safety is another priority which we take much pride in, making sure each vehicle, chauffeur, and client are safe while traveling with us.  All our vehicles are inspected regularly, fully insured, and chauffeurs are continually drug and alcohol tested.  We are secure by all NY state laws and regulations with DOT.  Another initiative that Posh Limousine would like to welcome is Armed Escort services.  This is a new approach within the industry but again, if a client wants security in every way possible, we are able to provide that.  Posh Limousine will strive to build strong relationships within the community by doing sponsorships with local school programs, media and print sponsoring, working with charities within our community and abroad, and giving back to the community.  As our fleet continues to grow, Posh Limousine will continually evaluate the latest in hybrid and alternative fuel technologies and follow standard operating procedures within our facility and fleet operations in order to mitigate our environmental impact.  As such, we are evolving our business operations toward environmental sustainability.  A comprehensive environmental policy that identifies and addresses the reduction of potential environmental impacts from all areas of our business operations is our goal.  We are in the process of transitioning to the latest low-carbon vehicles and fuels.  This in turn will keep us committed to improving our environmental footprint.  With all this being done, it is my ultimate goal to make sure that our business standards are above and beyond across the industry.  Now that you've gotten to know  a little more about me, I would love the opportunity to get to know more about you.  I welcome you to give us a call or come visit us in Fishkill, NY.  We offer many packages to choose from within every budget.  Thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon! All my best!

    -Kristi Fornges